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TruckMinder Sign Anti-Fuel Theft Partnership Agreement with MiX Telematics

TruckMinder and MiX Telematics have joined forces to help reduce fuel theft across the industry. The two companies have integrated their products to help tackle the growing problem of fuel theft. TruckMinder has developed a device that allows fleet owners to monitor every time the fuel cap is removed. The TM3 system connects with theContinue Reading

TruckMinder Announce Launch of Anti-Fuel Theft Device TM3

Truckminder are pleased to announce the launch of a new electronic anti-fuel theft device that helps prevent fuel theft, called TM3. The new Truckminder TM3 system is an electronic anti-siphon device designed specifically to prevent fuel theft. It detects skimming, drilling, spiking and siphoning. The device also protects the fuel cap from removal outside ofContinue Reading