Thieves strike on Byfleet Buses

Thieves strike on Byfleet Buses

Four catalytic converters were stolen last week from the Abellio Bus depot in Byfleet.

Sadly, this isn’t the first occurrence and crimes like this are very costly and is extremely disruptive to the smooth running of the bus service.

Duane Hope, the controller of the Abellio depot said:

“We had four vehicles off the road until 8.45am. We have two spare vehicles so we used them.

They are worth about £2,000 each. This has happened a couple of times before at different depots.”

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It’s this exact type of crime that Truckminder want to help prevent.

Previously we worked in conjunction with Eminox and the Transport for London on the retrofit programme to upgrade the 400+ bus fleet operated by Tower Transit. The Truckminder system is now protecting the costly Eminox SCRT unit from theft in the depot.

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