TruckMinder Sign Anti-Fuel Theft Partnership Agreement with MiX Telematics

TruckMinder Sign Anti-Fuel Theft Partnership Agreement with MiX Telematics

TruckMinder and MiX Telematics have joined forces to help reduce fuel theft across the industry. The two companies have integrated their products to help tackle the growing problem of fuel theft.

TruckMinder has developed a device that allows fleet owners to monitor every time the fuel cap is removed. The TM3 system connects with the MiX Telematics unit to provide information through event notifications.

When the fuel cap is removed, the notification provided through MiX illustrates the duration, time, date, location and driver of the vehicle. The event is sent via email.

Through the integration of the two devices, areas can also be geo-fenced, such as fuelling depots.

Both technical teams from either side, have been working together in recent months and further developments include triggering cameras when the caps is removed.

Ian Lester, Director of TruckMinder comments:
“We are really pleased to have established a partnership with MiX Telematics. They have been a pleasure to work with. They are forward thinking, progressive and client focused – all attributes we associate with. Together we feel we have a real offering to clients to help reduce fuel theft.”

Steve Coffin, Marketing & Operations Director of MiX Telematics Europe states:
“Truckminder have developed a unique product to help tackle the increasingly prevalent issue of fuel theft for transport companies. By integrating our two solutions, we have created a best-of-breed partnership between ROI-generating telematics data and fuel theft reduction.”

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