TruckMinder Wins Irish Innovation Award

TruckMinder Wins Irish Innovation Award

TruckMinder have been awarded an industry award for innovation for the development of their leading anti-fuel theft device – TM3.

The judges were hugely impressed with several key features of the product and its ability to drive fuel efficiency cross fleets but identifying when and where fuel theft is taking place. TM3 has several key features:

  1. Designed to prevent fuel theft
  2. Protects the tank from skimming, spiking, siphoning and drilling, when the vehicle is locked
  3. The device is alarmed so any attempted attack on the tank will cause a trigger
  4. The trigger creates an event which is registered through the vehicles Telematics
  5. A fuel cap detection system – this allows fleet owners to know when the cap has been removed, when it has been refitted, for how long and where
  6. The fuel cap detection system also records an event notification through the Telematics

TM3 has been developed in conjunction with the haulage and fleet industry to help protect a vehicle’s fuel load at all times. TruckMinder have been working with a leading fleet operator, with the system currently in the field being tested and scrutinised.

To ensure the attacks are recorded TruckMinder have also been working with leading Telematics providers. The device has be engineered to connect to the Telematics to create an event notification. Event notifications are provided either via email or text message to the relevant fleet directors / owners.

The judges were also impressed with how the technology in TM3 helps fight fuel theft on two fronts. The drivers themselves gaining access to the tank and criminal gangs attacking the tank while the driver is away from his vehicle. The device also has an added benefit of including an anti-siphon device, which is provided by a leading manufacturing partner.

The secret of what makes the TM3 system the leading alarm system in the market lies within the unique TruckMinder technology. A sensor constantly monitors the vehicle’s fuel cap and tank, two
microcontrollers continually communicating with each other creating a ‘heartbeat’ signal. When the signal is broken the vehicle knows an attack is taking place.

To find out more about TruckMinder and the TM3 system call +44(0) 1202 707848.